Burlapp at the Auto Show !!!

Right after my brother's wedding reception, Phil and I went to the Auto Show. My roommate had a couple of press passes... What an experience.

As soon as we got in, Phil stole a suit from some guy in the bathrooms. He said it would make him look "way more professional". And it worked.

At the unveiling of the new Bentley GT, this girl from channel 9 thought he was the CEO of Bentley. Phil answered all her questions about the car, and started hitting on her. She got angry and left. I don't think she is buying a Bentley anytime soon...

Later, Phil got back to his normal trademark "casual but chic" look.

That's when we went to the "Giugiaro Booth". This famous Italian designer had a couple of cars there, but also 2 good looking girls. As you can see, my roommate/best friend didn't waste any time.

He met this girl named Gretchen Schtupp, from Italy. And they got friendly pretty quickly. He told me he even asked her for her phone number...

I am not sure what happened next. I went to get a cup of coffee, and when I came back, Phil and Gretchen were arguing. She didn't speak a word of English , so I am not sure what the problem was.

Anyway, I took this right before Phil started slapping her and calling her names. Thank God she didn't speak English.

Needless to say, we had to leave that booth in a hurry, before security got there.

On our way to the free Bar, Phil recognized the guy: Giugiaro, the designer!

He's a big fan, and he just wanted to meet the guy. So he walked up to him and then started talking. Well, Phil was doing much of the talking because Mr.Giugiaro doesn't speak English either.

But Phil didn't get it,and thought he was just being rude. Then he got into this big argument about some Daewoo design the poor guy did a few years ago.

That's when the "slapping incident" took place.

Phil immediately ran to the bathroom, to find another guy with a suit. But this time, security was called, and they followed him in.

I took this shot as they were threatening my roommate with tear gas.

He was actually hidding in the women's bathroom.

That's when they finally got him, after a couple of hours.

Phil ended up in jail for a few days. Then the "Designer guy" dropped the charges against him.

He told me that press days at the auto show are always kind of chaos, and the unexpected always happens. He was right. He never talks about the few days he spent in jail.

And he never got a date with Gretchen...